The environment is part of the earth in which humans dwell or live in, however, the environment plays an important role in individual’s mental, physical and social well-being. The environment has improved in quality significantly, with human health remains the subject matters. There is a relationship that seems complex between environmental factors and human health, and taking account via various pathways and interactions. Environmental hazards have caused a lot of problems on the earth surface through pollutants of various sources either air, noise, water or land. This has led to the loss of natural resources that has affected lifestyle and contributing to various health ailments such as diabetes, obesity, disorders of cardiovascular systems, nervous systems, and cancer.

Life expectancy of man have decreased in recent statistics over time which is as a result of several factors, that affects both the environment and health of individuals on planet earth. Moreover, having a better understanding of the differences in the social distribution of environmental quality is helpful for a better policy, since specific populated groups such as those with low income, children and elderly may be more vulnerable which may be attributed to the economic, educational and health status.

Benefits Of Having Healthy Environments

In order to have a well-deserved life expectancy, man needs to take proper care of its environment and thus help prevent pollution of various types that has been caused by man. Some of the following are the benefits of living in healthy environments.

Policy: Having a nice and balanced policy can help control pollution which affects man’s health. This will, in turn, bring a good health on a longer run to people living in the affected areas, such policy includes controlling harmful substances into the environment such insecticides, chemicals and also protection of water, thus improving the quality of life, especially urban areas.

 Improvement Of Quality Air: The type of air we breathe in matters a lot, as air is important in life for normal respiration. Improving the quality of air through reduction of bad gasses that is been released into the air, as a result of ozone depletion, or loss of natural disasters. This will help improve not only the respiratory systems but also the cardiovascular systems and other systems.

Improved Water Quality: Water an essential part of life is required by all living things on earth to survive. Stopping pollution of our various water channels will help improve the quality of water needed by man to drink, cook or other domestic purposes. This will also improve the quality of human health since some of the sea foods we eat provide us with some essential nutrients that our body systems needed for growth and also helps in improving the rate of metabolism.

Conservation Of Environments And Wildlife: Keeping the environment in a healthy condition will man to live a life free of illness, death of wild lives as this could be terminated by the introduction of the various pollutant that will cause this change. However, guided law agencies set by the government can help improve and prevent such conditions and thus making man live comfortable in his environment.